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Nature Bumz Co. works hard to provide safe, natural, organic products for mom, baby, & the whole family!  We believe in customer service & doing our best to make your entire experience at Nature Bumz Co. Cloth Diaper & Natural Parenting Store in Canada a great one!  We strongly believe in the cloth diaper brands and products we carry and proudly stand behind them, having used most of them on our own children.  As a work at home mom (WAHM) & family run business we understand what it's like to need information on cloth diapering & similar products and work hard to find the answers that you are seeking when it comes to cloth diapering, green parenting and so much more!  

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We also want to provide the best customer service experience we can to all of our customers which means: fast shipping, cloth diapering 101 information hotlines, quality products, and that extra personal touch!  We want your online experience to be an amazing one and we strive to be the best online natural parenting cloth diaper store in Canada there is.  When it comes to shopping online we are working hard to become your go-to Canadian cloth diapering & natural parenting destination!

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 We are an Canadian established online & showroom specialty natural parenting store for mom, baby, & family.  Established in October 2010 we are a family owned and operated business with our Customers needs at the forefront of our mission as a cloth diapering, natural parenting establishment.  We are knowledgeable about cloth diapers and natural parenting products we serve customers from the Niagara Region, across Canada & all areas in the United States.  We pride ourselves in what we sell and believe in the brands we carry.  We want to create a parenting network for other parents to live sustainably, ethically & conscientiously for future generations by knowing who produces the products that we carry.  Don't trust our word for it, we have many mommy bloggers & other businesses that also trust and believe in us.  Such as the "Oh So Savvy Mom" Blog, among many others.

We are slowly building our showroom stash for parents to be able to choose the best cloth diapering and natural parenting options for their families!  We've been able to join up with Williams Cafe  in Canada for cloth diapering workshops.  We're always touring areas throughout Ontario, Canada at mom2mom shows and love networking with other parents and businesses, teaching people about cloth diapering and how easy it really is!  Things are busy here at Nature Bumz Co. headquarters and we're working on providing the best customer service we can with open hours in 2018!  We're always working on helpful blog articles about cloth diapering and our products and regularly provide customer service through our facebook page.  We're looking forward to adding more new brands & products come October 2018 and 2019!  Once again we thank you for continuing to support Canadian businesses like us and can't wait for new developments come 2018!   

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Contact us with the time you would like to visit our cloth diaper and natural parenting products showroom and we can be available!  Any time from 8am - 11pm EST!  

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We look forward to meeting you & helping you with your cloth diapering needs!  



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