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These Cloth Diapering Workshops are for parents, care-givers, family members, & anyone interested in Cloth Diapering or wanting to know more about green parenting with natural products. The Nature Bumz Co. Workshops are currently held in our home, or other locations within the Niagara Region and we love meeting to discuss any of your questions, and teach you about what cloth diapering has to offer for you and our environment!  

• Be sure to bring a copy of your receipt to your seminar in exchange for your $10.00 Gift Certificate.

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Nature Bumz Co. Cloth Diaper Workshops
  • Nature Bumz Co. Cloth Diaper Workshops

Nature Bumz Co. Cloth Diapering Workshops

Cloth diapering has come a long way and is very different from the traditional thoughts of cloth diapering.  In these workshops you will learn about specific topics - such as the "All you need to know about washing & caring for your cloth diapers", "Overnight Cloth DIapering Solutions", and more.  

Registration is required to hold your space and is non-refundable.  You will also receive $10.00 store credit towards your purchase of anything within the store. (one per couple). 

These cloth diaper workshops are held at different locations throughout the Niagara Region.

Cloth Diapering Workshops are generally 1.5 hours in length. Please come with many questions and perhaps some note paper & pen to fully remember the material and any specific things you may want to learn.


Seminar Topics Coming Up:

• The Basics of Cloth Diapering 101

• All you need to know about washing & caring for your cloth diapers.

• All you need to know about different cloth diapering brands on the market today.

• All you need to know about wool cloth diaper covers and Overnight Solutions.

• All you need to know about Potty Training, Transitioning with Trainers.

• Diaper services vs. cloth diapering.  How to really save money.

• Flats & Prefolds, Fitteds & Covers.

• One-Size vs. Sized Pocket Diapers.

• The All-in-One Cloth Diaper vs. Hybrids

• Cloth Diapering for Newborns.

• Cloth Diapering from 3-12 months.

What is included with the Cloth Diapering Workshop:

  • Cloth 101 Package - Tips, Instructions, & Facts About Cloth Diapers.

  • Cloth Diapering Parents Expert Opinions.

  • A Chance to network with other parents in the area

  • An opportunity to purchase our products for a discounted Showroom Price

  • To see and try our products in person and have your questions answered.

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  1. Very Imformative Review by Inna57

    I"m really glad my husband and I attended one of these workshops. We met at Williams Cafe with another couple and Crystal went over different cloth diapers types and brands. As I had already known what brand we kind of wanted to learn about, it helped to see the different types and learn about each one in detail. She answered our questions truthfully about the time it would really take to cloth diaper among other things. I"m very happy and hope there will be other types of workshops available in the future! Thanks guys! (Posted on 16-02-10)

  2. Awesome workshop! Review by Nikki13

    I have been so glad you guys put these workshops on... we've been to 2 now and it's helped us really learn more about what we wanted to cloth diaper our baby in and by understanding how to use the diapers we were interested in, we were able to cloth diaper a lot easier from the start. 3 months in now, and we're looking at cloth diapering full time! Crystal and Brian are really great and helped answer all the questions we had. Awesome workshop if you're learning how to cloth diaper! Plus you get a Gift certificate to spend on your first order, so it really works out great! (Posted on 13-12-02)

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